ULTIMATEPAY Payment Method: A solution provider by PlaySpan

Incorporating payment methods with a smart and simple user interface, UltimatePay optimizes the process of making payments.

Once logged in to the master account at WarpPortal.com, you may click the Power Up link, from there you can select the amount of WP Energy and choose a Payment method. One Payment method is UltimatePay. It the most recently adopted Payment method and should make it easier for many users to make payments.

For more assistance with using UltimatePay, please try visiting the following web pages:

ULTIMATEPAY Help Page (a solution provider by PlaySpan)

ULTIMATEPAY Terms & Conditions page

ULTIMATEPAY Contact/Ask a Question page

Article ID: 157, Created On: 4/16/2010, Modified: 4/28/2012

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