Decarding an Item

How do I decard my item?  The NPC no longer works. 

For those returning after an extended leave of Ragnarok Online, you may have noticed that a certain NPC is no longer responding as he used to.  After various issues, the procedure to desocket an item has changed.  You will need to contact the WarpPortal Support Team and make sure that you have a Heroic Desocketing Book for every card that needs to be removed.  As a warning though, keep in mind that when a card is removed the item is destroyed.   

To expedite the process, please make sure to provide the following information in your petition. 

Exact name of the item to be decarded: 
Card or Cards to be removed: 

Acknowledgement of your understanding that the weapon will be destroyed in the process of desocketing.

Article ID: 732, Created On: 3/31/2015, Modified: 3/31/2015

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