How to Log into Ragnarok Journey and Create a Character

Ready to start a new adventure in Ragnarok Journey? You’ve come to the right place! This article will guide you through the account log-in process.

First, go to the login page here.

Once you're at the login screen, input your Account Name and Password.

Google Chrome is recommended. If you are using Internet Explorer or any other web browser, you may need to install Flash Player 11.4 or above before proceeding.

Once you log in, you will be redirected to the server selection page. 

Here you will select your server. You can choose either RO Server 1 or RO Server 2. The Logined Zone is the server you are currently logged into. Once you create a character on a specific server, all of your data will be saved on that server. Your characters, items etc., don't transfer over both servers, so be sure to pick the server you want to stay on!

Afterward, you will be directed to the character creation page.


Choose male or female, and input a name for your character. If you want, you can also click on the dice which will create a random name for you.

Once you’re ready, click the yellow button on the bottom to begin a new journey! 

Article ID: 847, Created On: 3/7/2017, Modified: 7/3/2018

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