How to Equip an Item

Greetings, Adventurer! Are you wondering how to equip weapons and armor in Ragnarok Journey? You've come to the right place!

The inventory icon will unlock when your character is level 2 upon completion of the [Main] Visit to Soldiers quest. It'll enable you to access your inventory. 

To begin, click on the Inventory icon as shown below, or press "B" on your keyboard. 

Let’s start by equipping a weapon! To do this, double-click on the weapon to equip it on your character. 

Here's the Novice Dagger that was received as a quest reward from the Swordsman Leader NPC. Let's equip it for now.


Note that the item will disappear from the Inventory once it is equipped. To close the Inventory, click on the X button on the upper right corner of the window.

Next, open the Character window by clicking on the CHAR icon below, or by pressing "C" on your keyboard.

You’re now on the Character Info window. This shows the character information, status points, as well as the items equipped on the character. Hover your mouse over the Weapon slot. It now shows the Novice Dagger you equipped earlier.

You've now learned how to equip items! You will continue to discover new armors, weapons, and accessories as you play the game. Become stronger by equipping the items of your choice. Have fun!

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