Status Point Reset Guide

Did you accidentally mis-click your status points? Or maybe you just decided to build your character differently? There's the option to reset!

First, click on the CHAR icon to open the character window, or press "C" on your keyboard.

Next, In the Character Info window, click on the Reset button to reset your stats.

You can reset your stats anytime for free at level 50 or below. Take your time to maximize this feature and pay attention to your current level. Click OK to confirm these changes. Otherwise, click the X button to cancel.

From here, the stats for each attribute will be reset to the base number of 1 and the total status points available will show up. Click on the Recommended button to re-allocate all of your status points.

There will be recommended values for each attribute according to your selected job class. Click the confirm button to confirm the status allocation.

The status points will now be added according to your selection. Close the Character Info window by clicking the X button on the upper right corner. Level up to gain more points!

Article ID: 849, Created On: 3/7/2017, Modified: 7/3/2018

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