First Job Change Guide

As you level up in Ragnarok Journey, you'll soon be given the chance to choose your first job! This article will help guide you through your first job change

Before you can change jobs, you must complete the Main quest line until your character reaches Level 9. Once you've reached this level, speak to the Kafra Service Employee in Izlude to get the [Main] Job Change Accepted quest.

You will then be given options for job selection, so review each job carefully before deciding!

Job Selection

Here are the jobs available in Ragnarok Journey:

Once you've decided on your job, click on the Job Change button! You can't switch jobs once you've changed so be sure to choose carefully!

Note: You may click on the Random Dice to give you a random job, but it won't automatically choose it for you. You'll still be able to click on the "Job Change" button to confirm your job. 

From there, the Job Change Success Window will pop up. The Skill window will also unlock. Now, you can assign your skills by clicking on the Skill icon, or by pressing the keyboard shortcut "S". Refer to the “Learning Skills” KB article for step-by-step instructions on how to learn skills!

We’re almost done! Don’t forget to click on the Quest Completion link to obtain your rewards. You'll then receive 10,000 EXP points, 5,000 Zeny, and 150 Job experience points.

Now, feel free to explore the game with your new job! Happy adventuring!

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