How to Use Status Points

As you level up, you'll gain status points. You can make your character stronger by spending status points on the necessary attributes that matches your job class!

To begin, click the CHAR icon to open the Character Info window.

There are two ways to add status points on the desired attributes. The first way is by manually clicking the “+” button assigned on each attribute. Hover over each button to show the description of each attribute as well as the number of status points that are needed.

The second way to allocate status points is by clicking on the Recommended button. Doing so will open the Recommendation window which will show the necessary status points for each attribute, according to the current job class of the character.

The Thief job class for example, has recommended status points shared to the Strength (Str), Agility (Agi), and Dexterity (Dex) attributes. It would also be adjusted automatically for other job classes. Once you've decide, click on the confirm button to save your changes.

Have you always wanted to experiment on Status Points? Or maybe you misallocated the points to attributes that are not applicable to your job class? Status points can be reset! Refer to the Status Point Reset Guide KB article for more information!


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