Skill Point Reset Guide

Did you change your mind about a certain skill and no longer want it? Or maybe you want to re-allocate your points to other skills? No worries, it can be done! 

To begin, click on the Skill icon at the lower right side of the screen (or press S on your keyboard) to open the Skill window.

To reset the skill points, click on the "Point Reset" button on the bottom of the Skill window.

Skill reset is free for characters who are level 50 or below. This is great for players who want to experiment in skills that would fit their desired build. It's also a good opportunity to specialize in certain skills! Be sure to take advantage of this free reset!

Once the skills have been reset, the total number of available skill points will now show up. You may now allocate the points to other skills of your choice. Close the Skill window by clicking on the X button as shown below.


Now you know how to reset your skills! Let's get back to playing Ragnarok Journey!

Article ID: 853, Created On: 3/13/2017, Modified: 3/15/2017

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