Basic Refinement Guide

What is refinement? Refinement lets you strengthen equipment!

The Refinement option unlocks at character level 29, after accepting the Main quest “Upgrade equipment” from the NPC Merchant in the Desert Trading Center {42,65}. 

Click on the Refinement icon, and the Forge window will pop up. Here, you'll be able to refine equipment, dismantle items, and combine pets. For this guide, we'll only focus on the Equipment Refinement tab.

Choose the equipment you want to refine. For now, we'll be refining the Novice Suit.

As you can see below, the materials required for refinement are automatically selected. To upgrade armor to +1, we need to use Elunium+1. To upgrade weapons, we'll need to use Oridecon instead. The quality and quantity of materials required will increase as the refinement increases.

We'll now proceed to refine the Novice suit to +1. Note that the refinement cost for this item is 20,000 zeny, at 100% success rate. For this item, the physical immunity of 1% will have an additional 0.1% after refinement.

A “Success” animation with the “Successful Refinement!” notice will show up once the upgrade is complete.

The Novice Suit now becomes Novice Suitupgrading +1, wherein the +0.1% is applied to the Physical immunity stat. You will also find that a +1 item would have a 1 star below the equipment name. This means you may upgrade any equipment to +12, which will then show 12 stars! 

Now, venture forth and have fun refining!


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