How To Purchase Diamonds

Wondering how to purchase Diamonds for use in Ragnarok Journey? You've come to the right place!

Step 1 - Adding WP Energy

First, click on the Power-Up link on the top bar while in-game.  

Then, log into your WarpPortal Account. 

This will take to the Payment Method page.

Choose Your Payment Option, the Amount you would like to purchase, then Place your Order!

Step 2 - Converting WP Energy into Gems

We must first convert our WP Energy into Gems before converting them into Diamonds. 

After loading your account with WP Energy, click the "+" next to the account name you would like to add the points to. 

This will take you to the page where you can convert WP Energy into Gems. Select or enter the amount of points you would like to convert. The more WP Energy you convert, the more Gems you'll receive! (We occasionally announce promotions that grant even more gems per conversion!)
CONVERT once you've made your choice. 

Next, click CONFIRM to finalize the conversion. 

Now you should now see the quantity of Gems next to your Ragnarok Journey game account! 

Step 3 - Converting Gems into Diamonds 

Now, we can convert our Gems to Diamonds!

First, log into Ragnarok Journey. Then click on the Shop icon on the bottom left corner. 

This will bring up the Shop. Click on the Immediate Charge button on the bottom right. 

This will take you to the Diamond conversion page. Here you can convert your Gems into Diamonds. Select from the list, or input your own quantity! When you're done, click Recharge, and viola! You now have Diamonds! 

You should immediately see your Diamonds on the upper left corner of the interface. 

Please keep in mind Diamonds can be shared between characters but not accounts. Diamonds also can't be transferred between servers. Happy adventuring!

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