How to Redeem Your Ragnarok RE:START "HEAD START" Coupon for Ingame Items

Redeeming Ragnarok RE:START "HEAD START" Coupon

Step 1:
 Pre-Register: We will notify you when the game is available to play

Step 2: Log Into Warp Portal
When you receive your code, use the registered email and password you have created to enter the WarpPortal.

Step 3:
Click on

This link will send you to the WarpPortal payment page, where WP energy can be purchased, energy transferred to game points, and coupon codes are redeemed.

Step 4: Select Your Game Account 

From this page you will be able to select the RO account you want to use the coupon on.

Step 5:
Go to the “Coupon” tab

Copy/paste or type the coupon code as it appears into the field below.

After a coupon code has been entered and verified, it’s time to pick up your goods!

Step 6:
Log into the iRO account.

Step 7:
Select the server & character you want the item to end up on.

Step 8:
Visit the NPC, “Code the Redeemer”

He’s all over Midgard, but the best place to find him is in the Eden Group HQ! The Eden Group Teleporters are found all over the world of RO, most notably in the major cities.

Once in Eden Group HQ, go upstairs and you will find Code the Redeemer.

Step 9: Enjoy your spoils!

However… if the item does not appear with the NPC or you experience an issue in the process, please
contact our Support Team!


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