Instructions for Ragnarok Journey PH Mobile

 Instructional for ROJ PH Mobile/ Ragnarok Journey PH

Steps on How to play Ragnarok Journey Philippines on Mobile Devices, such as Android and IOS:

There are a couple of browsers that you can use, but we suggest to use browsers that have already a built-in flash player in it, to avoid players asking on how to download flash player.

Here is the list of Browsers that has Built-in Flash player:

·         Boat Browser

·         Puffin Browser

·         xScope Browser

·         Photon Browser

·         Lightning Browser

For this tutorial, we used *Puffin Browser*

1. The first step is to download Puffin browser from Playstore, 

2. Type The Website Address(

3. Click Game Start in-order to logged-in your account.

4. Type your Username and Password and Click Login button.

5. Choose what Server you want to play.

6. Now this will be the Character Creation/Selection Screen, Please take note that you need to use auto rotate for screen rotation in order for your Game to be landscape.

7. For Full-Screen mode, You may Click Theater mode, (Take note that this is a Feature of Puffin Browser)

8. This is the exact screen for full-screen mode. Click *Enter the Game*

9. This is how it looks like in full-screen mode on Puffin Browser.

10. You can Also Change the Flash quality for your gameplay, from Low to High Graphics.

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