[RO1] Redeeming Your Eyes of the Devoted Costume

Redeeming Your Eyes of the Devoted Costume

You're a long-time player for Ragnarok Online and you're excited for Ragnarok 2! For registering a Ragnarok 2 account on the same WarpPortal as your RO1 account, you'll receive the costume, Eyes of the Devoted! To redeem it, simply speak with Code the Redeemer on the second floor of the Eden Group Building! If you have more than one RO1 account and can't seem to find it, check Code the Redeemer on your most recent RO1 account on your WarpPortal account! Keep in mind that it can only be traded in box form. Once opened, it will be account bound. Enjoy sharing your adventurous Ragnarok 2 spirit with your Ragnarok Online friends!

- This news article is in reference to the pre registration event that ended on May 1st, 2013. For further details regarding this event, please see our official event page article http://playragnarok2.com/news/article/33 -

Tuesday, June 18, 2013 3:21 PM