Item Stuck in Inventory
Problem reported by Jerry Perez - October 16, 2018 at 11:17 AM
Hello. The item "Ninja Manual" is stuck in my character's inventory. It cannot be dropped, traded or put in storage. This is keeping me from using the Mesmerist to reset my skills/stats. Please remove this item from the character "Pontiff E. Kate".
Before you ask me to submit a Ticket. Don't. This system is broken. I have tried it on 3 different browsers and every time I click Submit, I get redirected to" with the message "Ooops. Something went wrong. This has been logged and reported.
Please try again later, or submit a ticket detailing the error you are encountering at the Support site:";. If I COULD, I would submit a ticket to fix the Submit a Ticket system. But right now I'm more concerned about removing this item that has been stuck in my inventory for way too long.
Thank you in advance!

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