Fix the WP-KP Bug going on ingame now for whoever knows how long.
Idea shared by Daniel Grubb - February 25, 2021 at 2:35 PM
It's unacceptable to spend any kind of money on the server whenever the kp decides to show up and disappear randomly. i made a ticket of the issue and got a reply stating exactly this below. Now my biggest concern is i found other people having these same issues dating 3 months back. How long has this [BUG] that is [CASH-SHOP] related been going on, and how many people sent tickets in that got this reply? This is not a fix? This is a clearly known issue going on in game that should honestly deter anyone from wanting to use the cash shop? Why spend any sort of money when they are releasing new cash shop items and costumes every update, but not fixing a bug that should had been dealt with every update since November 5th of 2020 when this user stated the issue and had no help or reply? Come on guys it's been a few months. Time to focus on these bugs and let the players feel more comfortable spending anything.
GM Wolfe
Yesterday at 6:54 PM Employee Post
Bought WP/ Convert KP NOT showing in game

 Please allow us to promptly follow up on your case. Is this an account under [*]                Please let us know. Your points should be on your account.

 Sometimes if points don't show after transfer, you may need to simply move maps. Try   moving from City to City and your Points should update!

Thank You for your patience and understanding with this issue!                                                   

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Daniel Palanza Replied
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Has anyone found a way to fix this?
I just decided to "Power Up"

And now all my KP is gone.


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