Problem reported by shini87gami - April 9, 2022 at 1:02 AM
Hiya, it's been sometimes since i sent the tickets to the officials. I got no response at all. They only keep sending me an email that i need to fill some certain data, name, account name, server, etc etc. But after this there's no other follow up.
So this is the first problem that i'm having. My connection to IRO always got disconnected at certain time.
The 2nd Problem is that i remember another account that has a Warlock LV 120++ i remember my name and what my activity was also the time that could be my last time playing it. This account i only remember the name, i completely forget the email and the account name. If only i knew the email i might be able to forgot password and recover my account. If there's any chance to help me with this matter as well.

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