random advanced article ?
Idea shared by FRANCISCO JAVIER GRULLON MEDRANO - December 22, 2022 at 7:20 AM
  1. the dragon saga game has had a lot of changes in recent times
One of the most notorious changes are the soucraft of the items
As there are so many soundcraft, the advanced random item is relegated to the needs of the users, there is no way to have all the soucraft in one item and I would like that in the store we have the opportunity to buy another random that can protect two soucrafl since he is available at the moment he cannot cover the high volume demand of soucrafl that there is currently with a new random that protects two soucraft it was very good to be able to use the new item to be able to protect the two obtions you have to pay a value of 6 random .
that's my idea it will help the community and the current meta a lot
Josuan xd

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