Power Up error
Problem reported by Hai Dong - August 19 at 8:53 PM
I report this problem , when i try to use power up

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You guys should consider updating your power-up system, especially the VIP package. When I'm on the VIP package screen at http://renewal.playragnarok.com/gameguide/premiumservice.aspx, it instructs to click on "Power-up": "Purchase the appropriate length VIP package for your Desired Ragnarok Game Account." However, when I click on "Power-up," the page sometimes shows an error like this.


Furthermore, in relation to the VIP package, the price is not clearly stated. It's important to enhance the user experience by making the process more convenient, allowing users to complete their VIP package orders in the fewest steps possible. By doing so, you could potentially increase your revenue. I've been following you guys for a long time, but I believe the power-up function is not much better than it used to be.

In game , i click Buy Vip and Points in Cash shop . It leads to page : https://www.warpportal.com/account/welcome.aspx
i've already login before

Then click Poser Up , another problems :
Ooops. Something went wrong. This has been logged and reported.
Please try again later, or submit a ticket detailing the error you are encountering at the Support site:

This error happens on Chrome , Firefox is more better . But some time It still causes error
Try using Edge browser on Win10.
Firefox / chrome appears to have issues with the powerup addresses.

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