Gm being bias and threatening me
Problem reported by Tye Wei Ling - August 25 at 2:01 AM
Gm Medusa and Gm Aunoe are colluding to ignore my problems. First i am ignored for stupid reasons. I got ignored simply because i am considered to be low priority. Later i am forgotten. Nobody follows up and i had to ask to get a response. Next, i am already insulted with this low priority business and GM Medusa appears and did not even bother to explain to me the new system for wpe aside for not transferable to steam account. I am a returning player and had no idea about any policy changes. Therefore the one day one wpe code is not known to me. Naturally i got blocked. So there i was already insulted and to add on GM Medusa was so unprofessional and threatens me within context as if saying can ignore me forever if they don’t like me. I am asking you now. Is this how a gm work? Players are your customers. A game will not function or develop without paying players. How can you say wpe is low priority and second how can you suggest a threat in between the lines of your reply. I demand an explanation for such unprofessional gm behaviour.

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Dearest gm, if you are reading this. You do know ignoring me to ‘punish’ me serves no role since i will keep posting here. This will only strengthen my post to show how unprofessional and closed minded the current gms are. I been away for some time and this is how the gms had deteriotrated across the years. I see no future in this game with such gms.

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