In order for the Warp Portal Support Team to assist a user in retrieving, restoring, or reviewing the status of an item that was lost, a user must supply adequate information so that the item can be found within database logs.

Typically, a basic, filled form, similar to that of the one below will provide enough information for this investigation:

Lost an Item Form

Character Name:

Time/Date of approximate loss:
Approximate Time/Date item existed through a trade or movement of the item: (such as storage deposit/withdrawal)
Exact Name of the Item: (including refine level and cards)
Screenshots of the item: (if applicable)

Any additional information that may assist the team in retrieving the item's information or history will always be welcomed.

Items that have been lost due to refines must be accompanied with an explanation of how the incident had occurred.

Dropped Items

Items that are dropped in-game, in most cases, are found to be relinquished of ownership. In order to make sure that items are not dropped, it is highly advised that the Equipment Window remain open at all times, whether maximized or minimized for better view.

If an item has been picked up by another player, we may contact the player to ask for the return of the item, however, we cannot force the return depending on the situation.


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Character Name: Fallon*~
Server: Thor
Time/Date of approximate loss: 22/03
Approximate Time/Date item existed through a trade or movement of the item: estava equipado no char e sumiu da conta
Exact Name of the Item: Succubus hat
Screenshots of the item: )

Camila di Pace Ribeiro Soares (April 8, 2021 at 6:15 PM)

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