3rd Party Program Usage and Multi-Clienting

We do not allow multi-clienting of any kind, including use of multiple devices. If we suspect that one person is controlling multiple characters in any zone, by any means (including Port of Winds Farm), we will take appropriate action up to permanent suspension of all involved accounts. 
Players who are caught using 3rd party programs will be suspended without additional notice.
For the other maps such as dungeons, missions, etc. We do have a team of GM members testing players in game. If you make the decision to use multiple clients to control the characters and a GM decides to test you in game, a immediate reply is required from the character being tested. There is no excuse for the character to be moving around and not respond to a GM's message or special tests. If you need to type a message in all chat, please do so.
Unsuccessfully completing the GM's test will result in the team flagging the account as a 3rd party program user. As mentioned in our Terms of Service, it is strictly prohibited and will result in the suspension of the account.

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