I experience lag, I cannot connect to Server, How to Submit a Tracer.

I'm experiencing Lag or Cannot Connect to the Sever! What should I do!?

If you are experiencing lag or connection issues, please know that there are an assortment of forces at work which could have influence over that. Things such as your distance from our servers, the amount of servers your ISP uses to reach us, and our own connections could be contributing factors.

In order to get to the bottom of things, we would ask that you provide what's called a "tracert" by following these steps:

1. Close all programs (very important for the accuracy of your results)
2. Open up a command prompt window (start/programs/accessories/command prompt)
3. Type: "tracert playragnarok.com" (without the quotes)
4. Hit the enter key and let the trace run until it displays triple * symbols multiple times in a row. Then, press control-C.
5. Right-click in the window, and choose "Mark". Then, highlight the entire window contents with the mouse. Copy the entry (Press Ctrl+C), open an instance of notepad, and paste (Press Ctrl+V) it there. At the top of this file, please write the current date and time, including the time zone in which you reside.
6. Save the text file and follow the following instructions.

Once you have obtained this information please send an email to your Internet Service Provider and request that they help you discover the origin of your lag and contact the party responsible.

You can also send this info to us by submitting a ticket. If you do please be sure to provide the date and time (PST) that the tracert was taken, as well as the IP you connect to the Internet from. Without this information, we may not be able to assist right away!

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