Is there a monthly fee to play ROSE Online?

ROSE Online is offered as a Free to Play game, meaning you do not have to pay a monthly fee to access the game and servers. However there are pay methods - Item Mall and Premium accounts - which can add to your play experience.

Item Mall

Item Mall is a section of the in-game menu where items can be purchased with IM points. Please read the following article on how to transfer WarpPortal Energy (WPE) for IM points.

The Item Mall benefits players by providing increased EXP rates, DROP rates, as well as unique costumes and armors that you will only be able to find in the Item Mall.

Some of these items may even be sold or traded to players in-game. Be sure to check for any restrictions before making a purchase.

For info on how to make the best use of Item Mall, please check out our handy guide!

Premium Accounts

Premium accounts are a newly-added feature to paid services available for ROSE Online. Players with premium status will see an increase in the number of the characters they can create, receive free items, and more.

Please check out our Premium Account Guide for details.

Item Mall & Premium Accounts allow us to continue to maintain and sustain the network the game is built on and the development of new content and in-game items. We appreciate the support of those who choose to take part in these services and are grateful to the entire community for providing a fun and entertaining environment!

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