I cannot access the Game Servers. (Failed to Connect)

I cannot access the Game Servers. (Failed to Connect)

In order to access the Servers, please check to make sure that:


- The client is running as Administrator for both Windows Vista and Windows 7.
- All ports are open to the game client.
- The PC meets all compatibility checks Found Here.


When receiving the Failed to Connect Error, please make sure that the patch was applied successfully. If this is the case and you have tried a full re-installation of the client:


  1. Ensure that you are not running any program that modifies or interferes with the game client.
  2. Make sure that you are not connecting through a proxy.
  3. If you have Windows XP service pack 2 or Windows Vista, please check to make sure that the ports required to connect to the game are still open, and that the game is not being re-blocked by security programs.
  4. Make sure that you are not connecting during maintenance hours. Maintenance times can be found here.
  5. Make sure that you have enough disk space in the drive where Ragnarok Online is installed.

For some players, a full re-installation of the game fixes the issue. Uninstall the game, and then delete the Ragnarok Online folder. Once all residue files have been deleted, download an updated game client from the playragnarok.com website then install the game.

The Login screen keeps telling me I am already logged in... 

If you are constantly receiving a message that you are already logged in game. Please use the following steps:


  1. If you are receiving the error on Chaos: launch the Classic Server and log into there.
  2. Once you successfully logged into Classic, log out and then log into Chaos.
  3. If it is an error on Classic do the same by logging into Chaos first.


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