"Failed to write", "Failed to get"

New patches may affect the game client. If a game client becomes updated, it may be recognized as a new entity and may require authorization.

When receiving the "Failed to write" or "Failed to get" errors during the patching process, please attempt one of the solutions below:

For Windows Vista or Windows 7-

1. Running the Client as Administrator:
  • Select the Client Icon Ragnarok.exe
  • "Right-click" the icon by using the right mouse button
  • Choose to "Run as Administrator"
This may be required for each time the client is run.

Should the first option not work, please attempt the second option below.

2. Acquiring Administrator Rights to the folder:
  1. Go to My Computer.
  2. Double click on the C Drive. (or the drive in which Ragnarok Online is installed)
  3. Double click on the Program Files folder. (or the folder in which Ragnarok Online is installed)
  4. Double click on the Gravity folder.
  5. Right click on the RagnarokOnline folder. (or the folder that contains the Ragnarok Online files)
  6. Select "Properties".
  7. Select the "Security" tab.
  8. Microsoft Windows Vista "Home Basic Edition" and "Home Premium Edition" users, please follow the procedures in this FAQ entry for alternate instructions if you become stuck on this step or the next step:
  9. I have Home Basic or Home Premium Edition of Windows Vista and cannot find the Security Tab,
  10. Click on "Edit...".
  11. When Windows Vista presents "Windows needs your permission to continue", provide your login if needed, and select Continue.
  12. Under "Group or user names:" select the "Users (|computer name|\Users)" group. Where |computer name| is the name of your computer.
  13. Under "Permissions for Users", select and check the "Modify" permission.
  14. Click OK and Windows will set the security permission on your Ragnarok Online folder.
  15. Click OK again at the RagnarokOnline Properties dialog box.
Ragexe.exe Error
This issue is caused by incorrectly set NTFS disk security permissions or the files were made to be READ ONLY.

If you are running Microsoft Windows Vista, please see the following FAQ entry to resolve the issue:
Does Ragnarok Online work on Microsoft Windows Vista?
If you are encountering this error message and are not running Microsoft Windows Vista, please make sure of the following:
  • You are logged in with appropriate permissions to run Ragnarok Online.
  • The files and the Ragnarok Online folder is not set to READ ONLY in the folder or files Properties setting.
  • You have the appropriate NTFS disk security permissions to Read & Execute, Write, Modify, and List Folder Contents.
  • Please make sure that you have enough free disk space to install the patch.

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