Please Note: This service does NOT let you change your character's server
Are your characters lonely? Do they wish they could be with their friends in your alternate account? Worry not, Midgardians!
The Value Added Service (VAS) - Character Account Transfer option will help you out! Use your WarpPortal Energy (WPE) to move characters between game accounts!
Please follow these guidelines before you begin:
  • Both game accounts must be bound to the same WarpPortal email account.
  • Please withdraw the characters you wish to transfer from all parties and guilds – If the character is transferred while in a guild or a party this may cause glitches.
  • If the character is a GUILD LEADER, please proceed with the Value Added Service (VAS) request and send a ticket to the Customer Service team with the following details:
    • Service Name
    • Serial Number
    • Email ID
    • Game accounts involved
The Customer Service team will do their best to expedite these requests. If you would like the status of your Character Account Transfer, please submit a ticket with the details noted above.
Note: if your character is a GUILD LEADER, this process may involve other departments, which may take multiple business working days.
Please note that Character Account Transfers cost 1500 WPE for the first character, and 500WPE for each additional character transferred at one time.
In order to process your Value Added Service (VAS) request, you will need to head over to our website,
1. Click on the Power-Up selection on
2. Log in to your WarpPortal account
3.  Select the correct Game Account on the left hand column under Game Accounts and then click on the Value Added Service tab. From there, select Character Account Transfer.
4. Read and agree to the Terms of Agreement, and check the box confirming that you have done so.
5.  You will then see this page, asking you to enter a Serial Number. The serial number will be sent to the email address you used to create your WarpPortal account.
The email will look something like this. The Serial number you need to enter will be clear to see.


6. Once you enter the serial number, you will use the drop-down menus to indicate which account you would like to move your character(s) to, which server your accounts are on, and the total number of characters you are moving between the two accounts.

Once you have selected the number of characters you would like to transfer you will be able to enter the name(s) of the character(s) you would like to transfer.

7. Finally, you will need to confirm your order by clicking on Place Order.

**Please keep in mind that different variables may affect the time it takes for a character account transfer to be processed. We can only kindly ask for your patience in this matter while we move your character to the requested account!**

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to write in a ticket to our Support Team and we will be happy to assist you as quickly as possible.




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