I am receiving a Sprite Error

Sprite errors occur when a file is either corrupt or not received through the patch.

We ask that a user check on the forums to determine whether the Sprite Error has occurred to other users and where a new patch may be put into place prior to submitting a ticket or taking any other action.

If a patch will be placed, please be patient until the client has patched and attempt to play the game.

If you are using Windows Vista or 7, please make sure that the client fully downloads and installs the patch by using the "Run as administrator" function:

1. Right click "Ragnarok"(Ragnarok.exe) icon.
2. Choose "Run as administrator"
3. Enter your windows administrator ID/password. (If you are already an administrator, it is the same ID and password as your Windows log-in).

This method is required only once to install the patch. The client may be opened normally after the patch is updated.

Should the Sprite issue not be resolved, the file is likely corrupt and we suggest a "clean" re-installation of Ragnarok Online. In order to complete a clean re-installation, please follow the instructions below:

Clean Re-installation:
1. Uninstall Ragnarok Online
2. Delete all files pertaining the Ragnarok Online from the remnants of the uninstall
3. Reinstall Ragnarok Online in a new folder or directory
4. Re-patch the client
5. Access the game

If the Sprite Errors should remain, please Submit A Ticket to the Warp Portal Support Team for further assistance.

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