I Lost My Castle Treasure.

All Castle Treasures must be obtained by the Guild Masters at the time of their choice. However, restoration services are limited to Emergency Maintenance and Server Disruptions (i.e. Server Downtime).

If the treasure cannot be obtained for the two reasons above, please Submit A Ticket to the Warp Portal Support Team and include the Treasure Restoration form as follows:

Server Name:
Guild Name:
Guild Master Name:
Date/Time Treasure was not picked up: (Please be aware that 12:00AM is the beginning of a new day)
Economy of the Castle:

Once this has been completed and received by the Warp Portal Support Team, it will be reviewed for validity and processed accordingly. The user will be contacted within a 2-week-period.

Any treasure that a user wishes to have the Ragnarok Online representative retrieve, if any form of Bubble Gum is to be used, the character MUST:

Have a form of Bubble Gum on the Guild Leader Character
Have Bubble Gum stated within the Party Name or Guild Title

Failure to have both parts completed will result in no Bubble Gum used.

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