I am not receiving a response regarding my Value Added Service

The Value Added Service is currently processed on the day that it is received, however, there are issues that may occur during the processing.

Payment is the first to process once a request has been submitted. At times, payment may require a lengthier time for validation if it is the first payment ever made on the site or if there was an error during the process. Typically, allow for 24 hours for validation. If there appears to be an issue with payment, please Submit A Ticket to Payment & Billing Support.

After payment has been processed, the next available Warp Portal Service Representative will take the request and complete the request. Different Representatives are assigned to different Value Added Services and for most, more than one service. Please allow for another 24-72 hour time-span prior to having the request completed. The services may be processed on the weekends should they be received and have a representative available at that time.

Any request sent must have a character prepared and ready for the request to be completed.

Please remember:
1. Gender Changes require that all characters have their items unequipped, but not required to be placed in storage.
2. Server Transfer require that all guidelines be met in the Terms of Service.
3. Name Changes require that all characters names submitted be longer than 3 characters as well as be limited to special symbols. Not all symbols will be processed and will be noted to the user.

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