Issues with installing, updating or launching Requiem successfully

Before Installing... 

Please unplug any unnecessary USB peripherals on your system and be sure to have all nonessential applications and processes closed or stopped.


After Successfully Installing...

Try running the Updater and the Requiem Client as an Administrator. You can do this by right clicking the file and selecting "Run as Administrator" from the menu.



If the connection to the patch server fails or your connection to the patch server timed out while the Updater is downloading a patch file (usually you will be prompted to "OK" an error message (ex. error: Failed Internet read file; error: 06 Failed Internet Connect; or error 08: Failed Internet Read File) and then the Updater will display a "Failed Patch Download" message or an "Update Cancel 0%" message.


If this occurs, simply close (X) the Updater and then run the Updater again. In most cases this can be repeated until all the patch files are applied. Sometimes the user will have to manually delete the failed patch file download before the Updater can try to download it again. Follow the further instructions below if that is the case.


Navigate to the \Requiem\Patches directory and delete all files within this directory (If any). Now back out to [Program Files\Gravity\Requiem] once again and run UPDATERUSA.exe. Once the program begins it should re-download all the previously deleted files and allow for you to update successfully.


If this fails to work you can try to manually copy the patch files to the Patches folder before running the Updater. Visit our forum Technical Support section to get the latest information on this.

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