The name of my character has changed. How do I get it changed back?

With the premium servers having been merged into the Ymir server on 04/20/2010, many character names were changed.

These changes occurred if there was a conflict via the following criteria:

  • If during Chaos / Loki merge there is a name conflict they will both be renamed [name_c] and [name_l]
  • If during Q / Iris merge there is a name conflict they will both be renamed [name_q] and [name_i]
  • The name conflict for Q / Iris could only occur if the name was only taken on either Chaos or Loki but not both.
If you have a character changed in this way, submit the following to the WarpPortal support team for each character changed:

Please copy and paste the below information into the body of the query for each character name for the inquiring account. 

Current Name:
Preferred Name 1:
Preferred Name 2:
Preferred Name 3:

Please submit this form once for each character, all in one ticket. This will allow us to change the names of these characters as quickly as possible.

Please note that, in the case of name disputes, priority will be given to users who have had the character the longest on an active account. This is to prevent the theft of established character names.

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