My character seems to be moving slow. How do I solve this issue?

Be aware that there is a function to toggle the run/walk function. If the character seems to be moving slow, you may want to check if the character is not accidentally set on “Walk” mode. By default, the key to toggle this function is set on “Z”.


If toggling the run/walk function does not work, try exiting and restarting the game. One may also want to check to see if all programs are turned off in the background before running the game as it may cause performance issues. 


Generally speaking, a computer on for longer than 24 hours will have resources tied up in programs. This can be especially apparent in videogames, such as Requiem. The solution, if this is what is causing the problem, is simply to reboot the system in order to free up all memory resources.


If none of the above work, please be sure that all the latest video card drivers are installed on the system (NVIDIA and ATI Cards).  This will help the system run optimally.


If the problem persists, please submit a ticket to Support and a representative will assist further.

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