Requiem stops responding, working, or closes unexpectedly

We strongly recommend that you disable any nonessential 3rd party programs running in memory, as well as to be sure to use only a standard mouse and keyboard, as some peripherals and software may be detected and cause the game to not function properly.

Unfortunately, some legitimate gaming devices and software designed to add extra functionality to such devices may be detected and may cause problems while running Requiem.  Programs like Logitech Profiler (as an example) may still be running even if the devices are not connected.  Also, running programs that access read/write data from the Requiem executable, such as Process Explorer (as an example) and some anti-virus applications can also cause similar issues.

If you would like to have us review your system in order to identify known issues (whether hardware or software) please follow the instructions in our Knowledge Base Article which explains how to submit system information to us through our Support Center.

You can find the KB Article here:

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