How do I register a WarpPortal Master Account?

(you may also want to view this video for help, or visit our youtube channel for more how-tos)

Welcome to the WarpPortal! Is this your first time visiting? First time creating a WarpPortal account? Let's help you out! Follow these steps to register a WP account so that you can make the most of Gravity Interactive games and services.

Step 1: Visit the WP site at

Please visit our front page to begin registration!

Step 2: Select the Register link on the top navigation bar

Step 3: Choose Your Registration Method

Players can now connect using their facebook profile (provided they have a fb account), or register using conventional means.

Typically, players will need to register by providing all the account information fields requested.

It is very important that the information used to register an account is remembered, recorded, or stored for future reference. This is because if you require assistance with the WP account, this information may be asked of you from our Support team.

(do take note though - Gravity Interactive will NEVER ask for passwords)

It is also in this process that you may sign up for our newsletter & review the policies and terms related to Gravity Interactive services. Please remember that you must agree to these terms before you can continue with registration.

All Done! Now What?

If you created a WP account using an email address, please visit that email's inbox for a final verification message. Please follow the directions and do so as soon as possible, and you will now have a registered WP account.

(if you are experiencing problems with receiving this email, please refer to this article for possible fixes)


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