Binding & Adding Game Accounts to the WarpPortal

The WarpPortal account can be a lonely place without game accounts - so let's see how to bind & add them into your registered WP account!

The difference between "binding" and "adding"

When we refer to "binding" it means associating an existing game account to a specific WP account. "Adding" refers to the creation of a new game account that will automatically "bind" to the WP account.

Why do this?

WarpPortal services - such as VAS, WPE purchases, point transfers, and premium memberships - can only be applied to a game account once it's been "bound" to a WP account.

Great! How do I get started?

Step 1: Log into the WarpPortal Account

Step 2: Click on Account Information

Step 3: Select Your Method of Game Addition
Click the button that best suits your needs:

"Add a New Game Account" - click this if you want to create a new game account bound to the WP account you are currently logged into.
"Add an Existing Game Account" - Click this if you registered a game account before the WarpPortal existed, and need to bind it to the WP account you are currently logged into.

If You Are Adding a New Game Account

You will be asked to select a game title from the list of games that Gravity Interactive provides. From there, enter the information for the new account and it will be added to the WP account automatically!

If You Are Adding an Existing Game Account

The following page will show a list of game accounts that share the WP account's registered email, but have not been bound to the WP account. You can easily add these by clicking the [ADD NOW] link next to the game account ID.

However, if the game account is registered under a different email, please fill out the forms in the "Other Game Account" section to complete the binding process.

Anything Else I Should Know?

On each page that requests game account information, you're likely to see a "Forgot Your Password?" link that will be useful in recovering/changing the game account's password. To make full use of this feature, please have access to the game account's registered email.

Help! I'm Stuck!!!

For any issues that may not be covered in this article, please contact Support and they will be more than happy to assist you!

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