How To Purchase Warp Portal Energy (WPE) and Use It!

This article will cover:
1) What is Warp Portal Energy (WPE)?
2) How to purchase it
3) How to transfer it to a game account so you can purchase in-game items!
4) Gift Cards
5) Value Added Services (VAS)

Note: For a video walkthrough: Please view this video for help, or visit our youtube channel for more how-tos.

What is Warp Portal Energy?

WarpPortal Energy (also known as WPE) is the virtual currency used for all of our Gravity Interactive titles. It is purchased and then transferred to the game account of your choice! WPE can also be used to purchase (VIP) packages, gift cards, or various  Value Added Services (VAS) for specific titles.

How do I purchase Warp Portal Energy?
  • Step 1: Log into your existing WarpPortal Account at: You can also log in via Facebook!
  • Step 2: Select Power-UP on the top bar.
    Step 3: Choose Your Payment Option, the amount you would like to purchase, then hit next.
WarpPortal offers a variety of payment options for players. These include:
  • Credit Card (If its your first time using this WP payment option, the amount will not be charged initially. Please allow 24 hours for processing and if validated, you may then make a WPE purchase.)
  • PayPal
  • MOL
  • Boku - Pay by Mobile
  • GoCash Game Card
  • BoaCompra
  • And More!

Some of these options may include third-party partners, so be sure to visit their respective sites for additional info and guidelines. 

How to transfer it to a game account so you can purchase in-game items!

Now that you have Warp Portal Energy, you can send it to the game account of your choice to start buying in-game items! Here we have 2,000 WPE on our account! Let's transfer it to our Ragnarok Online game account!
Step 1: Click on the account name you would like to add the points to!
Step 2: Select or enter the number of points you would like to transfer to your Ragnarok Online Game account! Let's select 1000! We'll also get a bonus 10% due to the current promotion! 
Then click CONVERT!
Step 3: Review your purchase! Confirm to finalize the purchase!
Step 4: You now have 1,150 Kafra Points that you can spend in-game!
You can view your points in the main Power-Up page.
Gift Cards

Enjoy receiving gifts? Well of course you do, so do we, but what is more enjoyable is being able to give a friend a gift and see how excited it makes them. We are offering a special holiday way to send a WarpPortal Virtual Gift Card to a friend.

Send a WarpPortal Virtual Gift Card to a friend using WarpPortal Points.

To send this Virtual Gift Card you will need 1,000,  2,000 or 3,000 WarpPortal Points to be able to transfer into the Virtual Gift Card which can be sent to a friends e-mail address. Or you can send them the Virtual Gift Card code to them via a Copy & Paste code which is provided to you.
Value Added Services (VAS)

WPE can be spent on a variety of Value Added Services (or VAS for short). These include:
  • VIP Packages/Premium Membership
  • Server Transfers
  • Character Transfers
  • Character Gender Changes
(these services vary from title to title, please be sure to visit each game's site for more info)

Please keep in mind the difference: WPE is for VAS, Premium, and "account-related" services! Transfer to game IM points for in-game use ONLY!


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If you have any issues or concerns, or difficulties in the payment process please contact Support for additional assistance.

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