Exiting a Program that is Not Responding

Exiting a Program that is Not Responding

When a program on your computer stops responding (including any of our game clients) Windows will try to find the problem and fix it automatically.

Waiting for the program to respond for a good length of time is recommended. However, you may end the program yourself by using Task Manager.

Using Task Manager to end a program yourself might be faster than waiting, but any unsaved changes will be lost. This could include any game settings changes made within a game client from the time the game was launched to the time it stopped working.

Data such as Character inventories, quests, level, etc. is saved through the game server application, not the client application, so changes such as completing a quest or leveling up are not lost if a game client stops working. However, in very rare circumstances a sudden disconnection from our servers could lead to a loss of data.

If you made changes such as configuring shortcut keys or quick slots, changing color depth or resolution and other game settings, these changes are saved by the client application and may be lost if not exited normally. Given all this, if you still want to use the Task Manager, please take the following steps:

  1. Open Task Manager (hold CTRL + ALT then press DELETE and select “Open Task Manager”).

  2. Click the Applications tab, then select the program that is not responding, and click the End Task button.

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