Help With The WarpPortal Master Account

What is a WarpPortal Master Account and what does it do?

A WarpPortal Master Account makes management of the game account(s) registered to you fast, easy and consolidated. A WP account is necessary to register new game accounts, but if you created a game account before the WarpPortal launched please follow this tutorial.

You will learn to create a Master Account, bind game account(s) registered to you to the Master Account, and then manage the game account(s) from the Account Management page and Game Accounts page where you may:

  • Change a game account password
  • Add WarpPortal Energy (WPE) to the Master Account
  • Use WPE on subscriptions and services
  • Transfer WPE to Kafra/Item Mall points
  • Update Game/Master Account details. 

A WarpPortal Master Account is easy to register and the first step in this process. Once that is done, adding a new or existing game account to the master account is possible.

Step 1: Register a WarpPortal Account

Click here to learn about registering a WP Account.

(If you have already registered a master account, skip to Step II.)


Step 2: Register Game Account(s) to a WarpPortal Account

Click here to learn about adding game accounts to a Master Account

Certain details are required in order to complete this process.

If the game account email address is the same as the Master Account’s, then you will only need the game account password. If the email addresses are different, then you will need access to both registered addresses for a validation e-mail.



Step 3: Managing Game Account(s)

(changing password(s), etc.)


Click here to learn about changing password(s) through the WarpPortal.

If the game account password was recently changed involuntarily (due to a security concern by Gravity Interactive), or if you have forgotten the password, you will need to visit the [Forgot Your Game Password?] page.

Log into the master account, select the Game Title, enter the Game Account, E-mail Address, Date of Birth, the code from the picture on the form, and then click [SUBMIT]. This will send a verification e-mail to the game account email address. Please check the e-mail inbox for the message with a link to update your password. If you do not see an email from us, please check your junk or spam folder.



Step 4: If All Else Fails, Contact Support!

If you have any problems getting the existing game account(s) added to the Master Account, please get in touch with our Support Team to get assistance in resolving the problem.

When you submit a ticket to Support, please include this information to the best of your ability & remember: some info is better than no info at all!

Registered WarpPortal Email Address:

Game Account ID:

Full Name:

Registered Date of Account:

Registered Email to Game Account:

Issue Experienced: (be as descriptive as possible)

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