Server Merge from Lintra to Valdes History

Some time ago, two servers existed for players who wanted to experience Requiem in a non-PK environment: Valdes and Lintra.

However both servers were merged into one (and renamed Valdes), and is currently the only non-PK server.

When this merge had occurred, a few issues had to be considered:
  • Merging characters from Lintra to Valdes would result in more than the 8 allowed characters per account
  • If a character name on Lintra was on Valdes, what would the resolution be
In order to accommodate players and resolve these matters, we made the following efforts:
  • Players with more than 8 characters total on both servers were given a chance to address this matter well before the merge
  • Character naming conflicts were resolved by adding a suffix to the character name. Players were promted to rename the character before log in, or could contact Support for further assistance.

While the questions we get about these events have diminished over time, our Support Team is more than happy to help you with any concerns. Submitting a ticket that refers to the server merge, including the type of issue (character naming, etc.) will help us best assist you in the matter.

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