PayPal Error Troubleshooting

PayPal Error Troubleshooting

Purchasing WP energy involves many forms of payment, one of which is the popular PayPal service.

If you encounter issues in your transaction with the WarpPortal, you may need to submit a ticket to the Payment Department. If you are using PayPal, there may be additional information that will be helpful in resolving the issue.

Please refer to the following tables of PayPal error codes for a list of codes, what causes them to occur, and probable ways of correcting the issue. If there is an issue that requires additional assistance, feel free to submit a ticket to our Payment Department and please refer to the PayPal error code in your message.

Doing this will help us help you by giving the Payment Team the specific issue to zero in on, while cutting back on the amount of times we may need to contact you asking for additional information.

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