Improved Game Pad Support for Dragon Saga

Improved Game Pad Support for Dragon Saga

At the moment, some users may experience technical issues with the current game pad support feature in Dragon Saga. Please understand that, while we allow game pad usage, we do not offer technical support regarding issues with your game pad. If you have any issues not covered by the following guide, please contact the technical support of that particular game pad. 

In order to maximize the efficiency of your controllers, we recommend you utilize a basic keyboard emulation program. These are not considered illegal third party programs since they simply match the functions of your keyboard and do not allow for automated game play.

First, download either of these programs based on personal preference. For the purposes of this article, we will be using Xpadder.



After setting up the gamepad of your choice, boot up either program. You may want to run the program as an administrator to avoid any compatibility issues with your system (for Windows Vista or 7).

Configure your controller to work with the program of your choice. This may be different for each individual controller. For Xpadder, you may find it helpful to map your buttons to physically resemble your controller’s layout. Make sure you leave this program running while you play.


Now load up Dragon Saga. Once you have patched and logged into the game, press the ESC key to bring up the menu and click on Key/Pad Setup.

Rather than using the game’s keypad support, map out the keys of your choice onto your gamepad’s buttons. It would be very helpful if you use a gamepad which has at least 10 buttons and two analog sticks. We recommend mapping the directional arrows to your left analogue stick, the jump/attack/charge attack keys to the most easily accessed buttons, and finally dedicate everything else to your most important items and skills.


When you are finished, it should look something like this.


If you press and key on your gamepad and experience an issue where the Macro window constantly pops up, all you need to do is go into the gamepad bind settings, bind any key to any function, and promptly delete it. While it is inconvenient, it will only need to be done once during your game play session and this will not need to be done at all if you wait to plug in your controller until after you have already loaded the client. If the game pad is connected after the client is loaded, the game will not recognize it as a controller and will treat it just your keyboard.


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