The [Item Recovery Request] Coupon can by purchased for 500 IM Points and allows you to recover any items lost due to being destroyed or sold to an NPC. 


In order to use an Item Recovery Request, purchase the Item Recovery Request Coupon from the Item Mall and place it in the inventory of the character who lost this item. Then submit a ticket to our Support Team at:


In your ticket, let the Support Team know the item that was lost, the way it was lost, the time/date it was lost, and the character it was lost on that has the Item Recovery Request Coupon. They will remove the Item Recovery Request Coupon from your inventory after verifying your request and restore your lost item to you.



There are a couple of rules to go with the Item Recovery Request Coupon:


- One Item per Coupon

- Coupon can only be used on an item that was lost less than 3 days prior to submitting the Item Recovery Request ticket

- Coupon can only be used for items that were destroyed or sold to an NPC

- Items will not be transferred to other players

- This item cannot be used to restore items that were traded to other players

- Stackable items and consumables will not be restored, this option is only available for equipment, weapons and pets

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