Policy on Exploiting or Using Bugs

Gravity Interactive does not allow the use of any bug or exploits. The use or exploiting of bugs may lead to an account suspension which maybe temporary or permanent. Repeated or serious violations may result in the permanent removal of account and game account.

Our primary objective is the ensure that there is a fair and fun environment to play our games, by exploiting or using any bug you are not playing fair and are altering the game play for which is intended.

If you feel that another play maybe exploiting or using a bug and taking advantage of that bug then we ask that you contact our support team by submitting a ticket with any proof you can provide as well as the assumed offending character name.

If you find a bug in your playtime, please feel free to report this issue to us as well. Attempting to abuse bugs for personal gain on an account may lead to the suspension of that account and possibly all related accounts. We highly encourage reporting such bugs over the exploitation of these issues.

If you have found a bug while playing or would like to report an exploiter you can notify our Support Team by submitting a ticket. Please be as detailed including all details about the situation in which the bug occurred.

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