Is account sharing allowed?

The sharing of accounts is not allowed.

The number one method of having unintended things occur to an account is due to account sharing. When an account is shared, many of the services that we can offer to assist in recovery may become unavailable.

Secondly, it is possible that shared players may have a "falling out" which lead to arguments over account & item access. This can lead to false hack reports, and loss of game time as the truth of the situation and the registered account holder is determined.

Please be aware that the sharing of accounts may result in the loss of support, and the eligibility or protection of a restoration of any kind. The user becomes fully responsible for the actions taken on the account as a result of account sharing.

All actions found done on a shared account are the responsibility of the registered account holder. This means that if you register an account, share that account, and another player's behavior leads to an account suspension, you are still responsible. Claiming that its the fault of another player will not limit the duration of a suspension or other determinations the Support Team may make.

Please visit the Gravity blog for more information on our account sharing policy.

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