How do I report another player?

If you believe that a player is in violation of one of the Rules or Policies, we ask that you take a screen shot which clearly depicts the questionable behavior.

Submit a Ticket and our support team will attend to the report as quickly as possible. Please be aware we take all such reports seriously, but we are not permitted to share the outcome of any investigations.

Please be sure to submit the following information:
  • Your account ID:
  • Character Name:
  • Name of Offending Character:
  • Issue: (please be as descriptive as possible)
  • Screenshots: (make sure they demonstrate the issue clearly, showing the offending character's name clearly)

We want to know about any violation of the Rules & Policies, and appreciate the efforts our community takes to help us keep our games fair and fun. If you are unsure whether behavior is in violation, please review the account policy & user agreement for additional information.

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