System Requirements to play ROSE Online

System Requirements to Run ROSE Online

Minimum Requirements



Pentium III 800MHz or higher

Pentium III 1GHz or higher


128MB or higher

256MB or higher

Graphics Card

GeForce2 MX 400 or higher
Radeon 7000 or higher

GeForce3 Ti 200 or higher


Version 9.0

Version 9.0 (or newer)

Operating System

Windows XP (with SP2)

Windows-based OS (XP or newer)

Additional Software

Micrsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1

Micrsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 (or newer)

We suggest that before playing ROSE Online that you make sure that your Video Drivers are updated to the most recent version and that you make sure to have DirectX 9.0 or a higher version. If you experience issues with video performance, please contact Support and specify the kind of computer setup you are playing from.

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