WarpPortal Launches

Warp Portal Launch!

 July 21st 2010, Gravity Interactive Inc. launches “Warp Portal.” The Warp Portal website was created in order to make managing game accounts easier. By tying all the game accounts to a single master account users are able to further secure game accounts and make single payments for multiple accounts.

Information on how to create a WarpPortal account can be found here!

For information on how to bind/retrieve a game account please view this article


Account Passwords Changed!

October 5th 2010, All Ragnarok Online account passwords are randomized. Due to a recent series of unauthorized account accesses, all game accounts had their passwords randomized. Often users would use simple passwords or share login information across various websites. From this time forward users were encouraged to use a unique password for Ragnarok Online.

For information on how to bind/retrieve a game account please view this article!


Renewal Launched!

October 14th 2010, International Ragnarok Online receives the Renewal update. This update adds third jobs for many classes in Ragnarok Online as well as rebalancing the entire game experience.

Information on Renewal can be found in the Updates section found here!


Account Password Update Notice

February 2nd 2011, Many users receive a reminder informing them that they need to change their Ragnarok Online game account passwords or that they will be randomized. Another series of unauthorized account accesses was occurring and it was discovered that many of the victims were using old passwords that had been changed on October 5th, 2010. Any user that was still using their old password had their passwords randomized again.

And Beyond!

Exciting things will be coming to Ragnarok Online. For information on future changes please visit the following websites.





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