God items are powerful gear blessed by the gods and found within the Realm of Rune Midgard.

Due to the strength of these items, characters are registered to each piece of god item equipment. God items are linked to the
character by having the item named after him or her.
The only way to trade god items is by registering the trade with the GM Team.

NOTE: We only perform god item trades for WoE 2.0 items (Asprika & Brynhild).

If you wish to transfer a god item please have both users (Old & New owner) involved in the trade submit the following information in a ticket.

Old owner character:
New owner character: 
Approximate time/date item was traded to new owner:
What was traded for the God Item:
Ticket Number of the Other User:

Please keep the God Item in the inventory of the character that will be the New Owner until you have been contacted by the Customer Support Team that the trade has been completed.

If you are unsure of the process of how trading god items work, please contact the Customer Support Team and we will be able to assist you on making the trade. 

Please be advised that not all trades will be registered. If the Customer Support Team feels that the trade was done through
illegitimate means or both parties have not contacted the Team, a renaming request may be denied.

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