An exciting addition to the ROSE Item Mall, the Lucky Spin, is now available!

To make use of it, you first need to purchase Warp Portal Energy and have it converted to Item Mall points. If you are unsure of how to do this, please refer to the following article.

Purchasing Warp Portal Energy

Once you have Item Mall points, open up the in-game Item Mall UI by clicking on the coins in the upper right corner of the screen (or by pressing alt+b).

Once opened, click the Lucky Spin tab.

From here, you will see the following.

If you click Buy Spin you will be prompted to enter the number you wish to purchase. Each spin is 50 Item Mall points.

If you click Item List you can see everything that is currently available from the Lucky Spin system.

If you notice an item you want in the Item List but don't see it available in the 12 possible pieces of gear, click the Shuffle button.

Please keep in mind you can only do this 5 times per available spin. If you run out of shuffles and don't see anything you like, you will have to click the Spin button and try for something that is available.

Once you are ready, click the Spin button and watch it go! You will also notice that the button now says Stop. You may either press this or wait until the wheel stops naturally.

Once it does, you are awarded whichever item it points to.

So what happens if you get an item you don't want...over and over again?

Fear not! You still have a chance to turn these undesired goods into more chances to play the Lucky Spin! Just drag the items from your Purchases tab to your Inventory.

Double click on your Disassemble skill (available in the basic skills section).

Drag the unwanted piece to the top slot and click Begin.

Voila! You now have some extra coins to burn!

Once you have enough, drag the coins from the Materials tab right into the coin slot on the Lucky Spin window. This will add more spins to your available total.

Please note that Lucky Spin costume pieces are tradeable. Once broken down into coins, the coins cannot be traded among other players. The coin value of a disassembled Lucky Spin item is based on which slot the gear piece occupies, but this value may be subject to change.

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