My mouse pointer does not respond

Unusual mouse devices or computer configurations may affect the performance of the mouse cursor when running Ragnarok Online.


When running Ragnarok Online, the mouse cursor is stuck in a corner of the screen or the Ragnarok Online game window regardless of where the user moves it; or the mouse cursor does not point in the proper orientation or location when moved. 


Please check to make sure that the mouse is plugged in properly to your computer and that you have all the necessary mouse, tablet pen, or pointing device drivers installed if it is not a normal regular wired mouse on a PS/2 or USB port.

If your screen is a touch sensitive screen for on screen pointing, you have a tablet PC configuration. Please note that users of tablet PCs must run Ragnarok Online in Full Screen mode due to the display screen location sensing restrictions of the stylus, even if a regular mouse is plugged in and used.

If the problem persists in full screen mode, please set the Ragnarok Online display resolution to match the desktop display resolution in Windows. If that is not desirable due to performance issues, please lower the Windows desktop display resolution to match Ragnarok Online`s display resolution instead.

Please also make sure that you have selected the correct screen resolution at the Ragnarok Online configuration setup program so that the first number is larger than the second number. For example: 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768. If you have a display monitor that can be rotated to display sideways, please make sure the monitor is rotated to be displayed in a Landscape / Horizontal position (where the top and bottom is longer than the sides). Inappropriate screen rotation may affect the proper operation of the pointing device for Ragnarok Online.

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